You can use our portal to track orders coming from The Good Apparel as well as to manage your payments and invoices. The portal is also what enables us to send updates to customers regarding their orders, so make sure to add the details on it when you send them!

Here are a couple of steps to follow when you get an order from The Good Apparel to make sure it all goes smoothly.


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Step 1

As soon as you get an order, you will be notified by email. You can access the order in via the email, or on the portal in the Orders tab.

> To access the details of the order such as the items purchased and the delivery address, click on the number of the order (TGA#1023-01 in this example) 


Order page on the portal

Step 2: shipping

When the items are shipped, select the order from the Orders tab, and add:

  • the tracking company;
  • the tracking number;
  • the service level (standard / express);
  • the estimated days;
  • and the tracking URL.

Then click on “Ship”- the details will be sent over to us and automatically sent to our customer.

 Add tracking to delivery on portal

Step 3: inventory

We can only read your inventory, not update it. Please make sure you update the inventory of the items purchased on your eCommerce platform!

Packing Slips

You can find them when clicking on the order, and scrolling down.

Where to find packing slips on portal