Our main priority at The Good Apparel is to make sure that integrating your products on our website are as hassle-free as possible.

Once your Shopify website is fully integrated with ours, orders pushed to your store will simply appear as normal orders. It should be picked up and processed by any third party apps you have installed (e.g Shipstation etc). To do so, we use a software called Jetti, which enables us to keep our inventory and prices synchronised with yours.
The access you’re giving us only enables to read these informations and won't change any product details in the store.

The invoicing address will be set to ours and the shipping address to the customer. Orders coming from our site will come with two tags, ‘dropship’ and ‘thegoodapparel’. 


Join us if you're on Shopify!


Estimated time: 10min

Step 1

In Shopify, go to Apps > Manage private apps > Create new private app

From September 2020, Shopify will be displaying a warning here.
We want to reassure you that we've taken the greatest care to compare and test Jetti to make sure the software is robust and safe. You can read some of their reviews here

The authorisations we request only grant us access to your orders (to send them your way and receive their status updates) and products (to have updates about your inventory). 

Screenshot of Shopify page

Step 2

Enter “The Good Apparel” for the Private app name and the Emergency developer email as support@thegoodapparel.com

Screenshot of Shopify

Step 3

Jetti will need access to:

- "Inventory" (Read access)
- "Orders" (Read and write)
- "Products" (Read access)

The other options can stay in "no access".

Shopify Onboarding

Step 4

Click on “Save” and then “I understand, create the app”.

You'll notice that you now have a password that has been generated.

Screenshot of Shopify

Step 5

And you're done! Now please send us these at brands@thegoodapparel.com, and we'll take care of the rest. We'll email you when you're live!

    1. The password that has been generated;
    2. - Your IBAN if you're based outside of the U.K.;
      - Your Account number + Sort Code if you're based in the U.K.;
    3. Your Shopify store URL (in “mystore.myshopify.com" format)
    4. Your VRN (VAT Registration Number) if you have one;
    5. (Fashion brands only) A list of the factories you work with (name  [won't be displayed if you request it] + city + short description), as well as at least one photo per factory;
    6. Any size guides you'd have (if relevant);
    7. Your most recent lookbook/lifestyle photos if you have some;
    8. Pictures of this collection's pieces/products on a plain backdrop or transparent background; 
    9. Your shipping fees to the U.K. + the rest of Europe;
    10. Your shipping times to the U.K. + the rest of Europe;
    11. Whether you have a free returns policy (and if so, what are the terms);
    12. The address items should be returned to in case of returns.

All set.

If you have any questions or troubles for any of these steps, please reach out to us at brands(at)thegoodapparel.com. We'll do our best to help you ASAP!

We're beyond excited to have you onboard soon!