Our main priority at The Good Apparel is to make sure that integrating your products on our website are as hassle-free as possible.

Sending your inventory

You do not need to worry about sending us updates of your inventory, as Etsy provides access to it by default. We will thus always have the inventory and pricing up to date with your store.

Getting orders

Etsy doesn't currently allow orders to be synced, so order details as well tracking details will have be provided through our portal (for which a link to your personal account has been sent by email).

Here's how to set it up!


Estimated time: 3min

Step 1

We've send you a link with access to your personal portal account by email. Make sure you add a password (Change Login > Password) so you can access your account directly without having to go through that email.

The email address mentioned in the Change Login tab is the one you'll get order notifications to. Please make sure that address is accessible to the relevant people, and consulted regularly. If not, please feel free to change it.

Step 2

When you get an order, please make sure to update its status on the portal as we won't get any automatically. This enables our customers to stay in the loop regarding their tracking number and shipping times.



Step 3

And that's almost it! Please send us these details at brands@thegoodapparel.com, and we'll take care of the rest. We'll email you when you're live!

  1. Your VRN (VAT Registration Number) if you have one;
  2. - Your IBAN if you're based outside of the U.K.;
    - Your Account number + Sort Code if you're based in the U.K.;
  3. (Fashion brands only) A list of the factories you work with (name  [won't be displayed if you request it] + city + short description), as well as at least one photo per factory;
  4. Any size guides you'd have (if relevant);
  5. Your most recent lookbook/lifestyle photos if you have some;
  6. Pictures of this collection's pieces/products on a plain backdrop or transparent background; 
  7. Your shipping fees to the U.K. + the rest of Europe;
  8. Your shipping times to the U.K. + the rest of Europe;
  9. Whether you have a free returns policy (and if so, what are the terms);
  10. The address items should be returned to in case of returns.

All set.

If you have any questions or troubles for any of these steps, please reach out to us at brands(at)thegoodapparel.com. We'll do our best to help you ASAP!

We're beyond excited to have you onboard soon!