Brands that change the face of fashion 

Are you one of the many brands doing incredible things to make the fashion industry more ethical, sustainable and fair? If so, we want you!

Why join The Good Apparel?



Sit proudly next to brands who share similar values and benefit from each other's reach. 


We work with influencers to promote the products listed on our site. We take of care of the negotiations whilst you can enjoy the extra exposure!


It’s entirely free to be listed on our website—we only take a commission when you make a sale.


There’s only a 10 minutes initial setup to make—after that, orders coming from The Good Apparel will appear on your usual order flow, just as any order coming from your website. We are currently fully compatible with Shopify and Woocommerce and can implement Squarespace.


  • Ethical: all your products have been made by people who were paid well to do so and who were working in a safe environment in factories that do not support slavery and child labour.
  • Transparent: we require all brands listed on our website to share the locations of the factories they’re working with, as well as some photos of them.
  • Virgin plastic-free: you ship the products virgin plastic-free (recycled plastic is tolerated but not encouraged) straight from your warehouse.

Sounds like a good fit? We'd love to hear from you