Do you ship plastic-free?

We only work with like-minded brands, which is why all of them ship without virgin plastic. Most of our brands will ship orders entirely plastic-free. Those who don't will use recycled plastic - this will be specified on the product page.

If you experience something any different than that though, we'd be incredibly grateful if you could email us at

Do you offer free returns?

You are responsible for the charges of the return shipping, unless you paid your order via PayPal - if so, you might be eligible for free returns

Do you ship to my country?

We currently only ship to European countries, and for one reason: all of our brands are located in Europe and ship from Europe. We want to promote local shopping, which is why you'll always only see designers and brands that can ship from your surroundings!

Why do some brands display their factory names and others don't?

Many of our brands produce on a small scale to avoid surplus and waste. To be able to do that, they work with factories they trust and have long-established business relationships with. In order to protect themselves from counterfeit goods and competitors making use of their intellectual property, some brands decided not to publicly disclose the factories they work with. The footage on the product page does show the factory and the names are known to us - but to protect the business, the exact location cannot be revealed on our page.