Interior Series: The Perfect Scented Candle

Interior Series: The Perfect Scented Candle

A scented candle for many is the embodiment of ultimate luxury. However, many obstacles come with finding the perfect one.

To make all of the candle struggles end for once and forever, this Sunday make one yourself. Get together with your friends for a crafty brunch or enjoy some downtime and the feeling of creating something with your own hands - It is incredibly easy and allows for a beautiful atmosphere when your favourite essential oil fills the air and the flickering flame immerses the room up in cosy and warm light. 

The project will take you about 45 minutes. 

You need: 
  • Wax: You can use up old (unscented) candles or buy wax in bulk from a crafts store or the internet. 
  • Fragrance: Grab your favourite essential oil. For increased focus, try citrus scents, sleep is promoted with lavender. But go with whatever you enjoy most. 
  • An empty jar: Maybe you have a beautiful old jar that you used for your make-up brushes, maybe there is a ceramics container you used for trinkets or that lies around without specific purpose. 
  • Wick: Depending on the type of wax, you might need different types of wick to make the most of your candle. Soy wax usually needs a thick, wooden wick whereas paraffin is best with a braided one out of cotton. 
  • An old pot you will not use for cooking afterwards 
  • A skewer 

How to make it:

1. Measure the needed amount of wax 

To determine how much wax you need, you can just pour the hard wax pellets into your container. About 1,5 times the volume of your container is enough to fill it up to about 1 cm apart from the upper edge. 

2. Determine the length of you wick

If you use a wooden wick, you can just stick it into the wax after pouring the candle. If you, however, use one made if fabric, bind it around the skewer and place it on the edge of your container. The wick should be long enough to touch the ground with a little bit of excess length. 

3. Melt the wax and add your fragrance 

In the old pot, place your wax and let it melt slowly. Whilst softening, add about ten drops of your chosen fragrance and stir. 

4. Fixate the wick

To make sure your wick stays in place, pour just a slight amount of your wax into the container and press the wick into it to make it stay in the centre. Wait for that to harden. 

5. Pour your candle

Keeping your wax warm and soft, pour small amounts into your container and wait for them to solidify before you pour more. This slower work pace allows for even distribution of the wax and makes sure your candle burns evenly. 

6. Wait for the candle to fully harden 

When the container is filled up, let the candle sit for a while. Once it has fully cooled off, detach the wick from the skewer and shorten it to about 1 cm of length so that the flame stays small and manageable. 

7. Enjoy your candle 

You have just made yourself a scented candle to use in your office, bedroom or during a hot bath and Netflix, so enjoy! Much more sustainable than the store-bought version, you have repurposed what you have and most likely stocked up on material for many more candles to be made.