A Realistic Stay-At-Home Routine

A realistic stay-at-home routine

The current times are incredibly challenging - we are facing insecure times, anxiously waiting for news and trying to resist the urge to just get out of the house. 

In trying to implement a new day-to-day schedule, a great morning routine you look forward to might dramatically increase your wellbeing throughout the entire day. But as always, it is about finding the right routine for you. So have a read at what we propose below from our own mornings and only pick what suits you. 

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Realistic alarm time 

When the social distancing was recommended, we can’t have been the only ones dreaming about what to do with the extra time in our schedules - my plan was getting up at six a.m., doing a bit of yoga and then writing and studying all day. 

All the great intentions, however, seemed weirdly insignificant when my alarm went off in the morning. I snoozed and overslept - until 9 a.m., shamefully. 

Now I set my alarm closer to the time I naturally wake up and feel much more rested. So these times without the extra commute are a great opportunity to figure out your natural wake-up times, too - just try to set an alarm as late as possible for you and see when you wake up naturally. Maybe you just need an extra 15 minutes to feel fully re-charged. 

Cosy socks on hand

While we can’t run around in full bedding the entire morning, at least your feet can find protection from the cold floor. Having fuzzy socks right next to your bed makes getting up just a little easier. And especially at the moment, it feels great to invest in some extra self-care. If we are gonna stay home, let’s at least make it as comfortable as possible and only wear the finest socks we can find. 

We, being at home, too, send out love and strength to all of you - and if you are tempted to upgrade your wardrobe and discover a new world of fashion during our time at home, use SHOPETHICAL and FREESHIPPING for 10% off and free shipping on your first order - £1 of each order will be donated to local food banks. Let’s be nice to one another in these times and use the time to take extra care of ourselves.


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Daylight and fresh air to wake you up 

The first thing I do in the morning is open my curtains and windows - whilst I can’t go out, I can still get the sunlight on my face and a breeze of air. Opening windows and flooding my room with light also makes it seem much bigger- at least delaying the feeling of being trapped. 

Indulgent breakfast 

Even a devotee to intermittent fasting can take part in this. Sure, breakfast is getting in fuel for the day. But at the same time, it is an opportunity to start the day calm and collected. Whether you pour yourself a cup of tea or have a fancy breakfast bowl, try and make it a ritual to look forward to. I always read a book or listen to a calm podcast that carries me through the rest of my morning routine. 


Scents are powerful helpers to wind down or get focussed and concentrated. In the morning, I love lemon and orange scents that help awakening my senses and refresh my sleepy mind. 

If Citrus isn’t quite your thing, you might want to try mint, rosemary or ginger. All these are great to get you out of bed and started for the day. You could use a small heat lamp to diffuse the oil in the room or buy an organic scented candle and add a nice touch to your interior, too. 

Woron loungewear

Movement - even in a small space 

Working out in the morning is a challenge, especially when you know you could potentially also stay in bed for your Zoom conference and get up at 3 p.m. So if the thought stresses you out, just don’t and try to find time at another point of the day. 

But straight out of bed, our body benefits from a little wake-up call. Just stretch your back, legs, chest and arms for a short time. Immediately afterwards, you will notice reduced tension in your muscles and improvement in your posture. If you can, try to repeat it a couple of times during the day. 

Getting dressed in beautiful loungewear you can work in 

Staying at home doesn’t have bro equal staying in your PJs all day. In fact, getting dressed can at least replicate a normal day-to-day routine. So getting fully dressed, maybe even wearing some kind of shoes, might not only lead you to feel more put together - but it also contributes to being able to focus and work. 

Our favourite stay-at-home wear

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Team TGA x